Facade Structural Calculation Services 

Facade Structural Calculations & FEA Services

Facade structural calculation refers to the process of analyzing the structural integrity of the facade of a building. typically done to ensure that the facade can withstand various loads and forces, such as wind, snow, and seismic activity, and that it meets the relevant building codes and standards. The facade structural calculation process involves a thorough analysis of the materials used in the facade, as well as the design and construction details of the facade. This analysis is typically carried out by a team of structural engineers and architects, who use computer-aided design (CAD) software and other advanced tools to create detailed models of the facade.

The structural calculations may also involve testing and simulation, to determine the performance of the facade under various conditions. This may include wind tunnel testing, thermal performance analysis, and other types of physical testing. Overall, facade structural calculation services are an essential part of the design and construction process for modern buildings. They ensure that the facade is strong, durable, and safe and that it meets the required building codes and standards.

Our Engineers will provide the complete structural calculation detailed reports and documentation, which may be used by the construction team to ensure that the facade is built to the required specifications. This will include detailed drawings and specifications, as well as recommendations for materials and construction techniques.

We deliver structural calculations needed for different façade applications like curtain walls, Skylights, spider glass curtain walls, steel structures, cladding systems, rain screens, railings, etc. The design of the facade requires an advanced methodology and therefore there is a need for specialized structural engineers & designers, with good experience in the façade.

We design and are flexible with International Building Codes and we are familiar with all major facade standards like BS, European, American, UBC, IBC, IS, AS, Saudi, Seismic Analysis, Wind Analysis, etc. Our FEA consulting services help you address a range of structural and thermal analysis challenges with accurate, timely, and cost-effective solutions.