Facade System Design Services

Facade System Design Services

Facade system design services involve the planning, design, and engineering of the exterior building envelope or facade. The façade system refers to the outer layer of a building's skin that acts as a protective barrier against weather conditions, noise, and other external factors. A well-designed facade system also contributes to the building's overall aesthetic and energy performance. At the concept stage, key performance criteria for the building envelope are identified. Together with the architects, develop the facade concepts, taking into consideration target performances, safety, and buildability. The development of both bespoke and standard products is a highly specialized discipline requiring knowledge of materials, manufacturing technology, methods of assembly, application, and commercial issues.

Our focus is to develop high-performance energy-efficient market-driven facade products for the project basis. We do research and development for our future requirements. A thoughtfully designed facade product can make a new building work more effectively for its environment. 

A building’s façade products play a crucial role in heat and light exchange. Its performance in that role affects occupant comfort and productivity, energy use, and running costs. Therefore, we always prefer to design products by utilizing our expertise in material science & building physics. The performance requirements are further defined and coordinated across the various engineering disciplines, in preparation for the planning submission and building regulation compliance. This is critical to set the building envelope’s thermal performance, fire performance, accessibility, and security. The key facade interface details are developed further and ll performance criteria are defined.

Our Facade system design services typically include:

Our Façade system design includes below services:

Overall, facade system design services are essential for creating sustainable, efficient, and visually pleasing building envelopes. They play a critical role in the overall performance and value of a building, and a well-designed facade system can add significant value to a property.