Facade System Design Services

Facade system design services involve the planning, design, and engineering of the exterior building envelope or facade. The façade system refers to the outer layer of a building's skin that acts as a protective barrier against weather conditions, noise, and other external factors. A well-designed facade system also contributes to the building's overall aesthetic and energy performance. At the concept stage, key performance criteria for the building envelope are identified. Together with the architects, develop the facade concepts, taking into consideration target performances, safety, and buildability. The development of both bespoke and standard products is a highly specialized discipline requiring knowledge of materials, manufacturing technology, methods of assembly, application, and commercial issues.

Our focus is to develop high-performance energy-efficient market-driven facade products for the project basis. We do research and development for our future requirements. A thoughtfully designed facade product can make a new building work more effectively for its environment. 


Stick Curtain wall Design and drafting


Semi Unitized Curtain wall  Design


Unitized Curtain wall Design


Window-Door System Design 

Rainscreen Cladding Design

Sliding Systems Design

Point fix (Spider glazing) Design

Louver System Design 

Structural Calculation Services

Facade structural calculation refers to the process of analyzing the structural integrity of the facade of a building. typically done to ensure that the façade can withstand various loads and forces, such as wind, snow, and seismic activity, and that it meets the relevant building codes and standards. The facade structural calculation process involves a thorough analysis of the materials used in the facade, as well as the design and construction details of the facade. This analysis is typically carried out by a team of structural engineers and architects, who use computer-aided design (CAD) software and other advanced tools to create detailed models of the facade.

The structural calculations may also involve testing and simulation, to determine the performance of the facade under various conditions. This may include wind tunnel testing, thermal performance analysis, and other types of physical testing. Overall, facade structural calculation services are an essential part of the design and construction process for modern buildings. They ensure that the facade is strong, durable, and safe and that it meets the required building codes and standards.

Our Engineers will provide the complete structural calculation detailed reports and documentation, which may be used by the construction team to ensure that the facade is built to the required specifications. This will include detailed drawings and specifications, as well as recommendations for materials and construction techniques.


Building Wind Analysis  Services


Structural Analysis Services


Connection Design Services


FEM Analysis Services

Facade Shop Drawing Services

shop drawing services refer to the creation of detailed technical drawings and diagrams that represent the design of a building's exterior facade. The primary purpose of facade shop drawings is to ensure that the design specifications and details are accurately represented and communicated to all stakeholders involved in the construction process. These drawings typically include detailed information about the materials, dimensions, finishes, and installation methods used in the facade construction.

Facade shop drawing services are commonly used in the construction industry to help ensure that the building's exterior meets the designer's vision and meets all relevant safety and regulatory requirements. They are typically produced during the pre-construction phase of a project and may be revised and updated as the project progresses.

Facade Shop drawing, Storefront Drawing refers to a set of drawings that are considered to be critical to all prefabricated components in a building project. In general, these drawings are more detailed compared to architectural drawings and are created to explain the façade as intended by the architect. Shop drawings are now considered to be the backbone of any building façade project.

Our shop drawings offer a true reflection of the shape and structure of the building façade at all locations.


Shop drawing Services


Curtain wall detailing services


Storefront drawing Services


As built Drawing Services 

Facade Fabrication Drawing Services

Fabrication drawings refer to a special type of detailed drawing that includes a list of material parts identifying the different materials, cutting lengths, and orientation of the material as the first or third angle of projection for the factory.

Facade Global has created a system of fabrication drawings with release procedures for the factory. We have a dedicated team of skilled engineers and fabrication industry experts to support all your drawing needs. 

We utilize the latest software tools including 3D/2D modeling to provide a complete set of fabrication drawings to the factory. This proficiency of our experts has been instrumental in the hassle-free completion of many of our facade-building projects, saving time and money for our clients.

Fabrication drawings 

Cutting List preparation


Steel Structure fabrication 


Material take-off Services 

Thermal & Condensation Analysis Services

We offer Thermal and condensation analysis services, and our team is specialized in building sciences. These analyses are very important for the design and optimization of building envelope systems, including roofs, walls, windows, and doors. The goal of thermal and condensation analysis is to identify potential issues related to heat transfer and moisture control within the building envelope and to recommend solutions to mitigate these issues.

The thermal analysis involves the use of computer simulations to model heat transfer through different building envelope components under various environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and wind. This analysis can help determine the effectiveness of insulation materials, the impact of thermal bridging, and the potential for heat loss or gain.

Condensation analysis is a related service that evaluates the potential for moisture accumulation within the building envelope. This analysis involves modeling the behavior of water vapor within the building envelope, including its movement through different materials and the conditions that may cause it to condense. Condensation analysis can help identify areas of the building envelope that may be prone to moisture damage, and recommend solutions to prevent it.

Overall, thermal and condensation analysis services can be useful for building owners, architects, and engineers looking to optimize the energy efficiency and durability of their buildings.

We can carry out thermal analyses to EN and US standards, U-Value calculations, condensation, and risk assessments to assist the development process. The thermal analysis calculates the temperature and heat transfer within and between components in the design and its environment. This involves the evaluation of the thermal performance of a framework and the evaluation of partial or global U-values of a building envelope. 

We deliver all types of facade thermal U value analyses and Condensation risk assessments. We have a team of experienced professionals who can work as per NFRC regulations and guidelines.


Overall U Value Analysis


Condensation Risk Analysis


Overall SHGC Calculations


Overall Condensation Rating

BIM Coordinated Shop drawing Services

Facade Global provides BIM Services to facade contractors, consultants, fabricators, and suppliers etc. we do facade design from its scratch including system design, structural analysis, Thermal Analysis, Energy analysis, Shop drawings, fabrication drawings fabrication and BIM from LOD 100 to LOD 500 including facility management & COBie data.

We involve in all stages of facade design including concept design, Shop drawings coordination with BIM models, Manufacturing documents & fabrication Drawing coordination, Pricing, As-built model creation, etc. We use Auto-desk Revit & Navisworks Manage to coordinate the facade building projects. We adopt Level 3 to 5 BIM Services depending on the client’s requirements and demand.

Facade areas are difficult to visualize when drawn in two dimensions. Complicated assembly details and intricate components can be presented using BIM 3D modeling. BIM models are extremely useful in explaining or demonstrating any design pattern that is unusual or complex. Also, BIM-coordinated shop drawings & fabrication drawings are helpful for façade contractors and building owners for future reference. We make BIM modeling that will help our clients to understand all critical panels in the construction and interfaces. COBie & facility management services will help us with everyday operations and periodic maintenance activities. Our team will provide curtainwall BIM with maximum accuracy at minimum cost.


Facade Rendering Services


Coordinated Shop Drawing 


BIM Facade Detailing Services


BIM facade services