Facade Design Services

Facade System Design Services

Our focus to develop high-performance energy-efficient facade products for the future market and we have a research and development team for the same. A well-designed façade product can make a new building work more effectively for its environment.

Facade products play a crucial role in buildings for heat and light exchange. Its performance in role affects occupants more comfortable. It will increase the productivity, reduce the energy use and running costs of the building. Therefore we always prefer to design products by utilizing our expertise in material science & building physics. We work on complicated design projects. Our main focus is on best design optimization by keeping aesthetically feasibility and also without compromising the design intent, technical specifications with energy-efficient solutions.


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Unitized Curtain wall Design


Window-Door System Design

Structural Calculation Services

We provide facade structural engineering consultancy for architectural structures, building facades, and other structures. We are familiar with a different type of facade applications like curtain walls, Skylight, Canopies, Spider Glazing, Steel structures, Roofing, Ducts, Pergolas, balustrades, Louvers and different type of other cladding systems and rain screens, etc.

We are familiar with all major façade codes and standards like, Indian Standards, ASCE, ASTM, AAMA, ADM, AISC, British Standards, International building code (IBC), Saudi Building Code SBC, Dubai Municipal Codes, Australian Codes, etc. Our FEA consulting services help you address a range of structural and challenges with accurate and cost-effective solutions.


Building Wind Analysis Services


Structural Analysis Services


Connection Design Services


FEM Analysis Services

Shop Drawing Services

Every one of us needs to see our Building Envelope more aesthetically feasible and economical. For achieving that, we need to conduct a detailed study about the façade. Facade shop drawings are playing an important role in façade study and application.

Facade Shop drawing, Storefront Drawing refers to a set of drawings that are considered to be critical to all prefabricated components in a building project. In general, these drawings are more detailed compared to an architectural drawing and created to explain the façade as intended by the architect. Shop drawings are now considered to be the backbone of any building façade project.

Our shop drawings offer a true reflection of the shape and structure of the building façade at all locations.


Shop drawing Services


Curtain wall detailing services


Storefront drawing Services


As built Drawing Services

Facade Fabrication Drawing Services

Fabrication drawings refer to a special type of detailed drawing that includes a list of material parts identifying the different materials, cutting lengths, and orientation of the material as the first or third angle of projection for the factory.

Facade Global has created a system of fabrication drawing with release procedures for the factory. We have a dedicated team of skilled engineers and fabrication industry experts to support all your drawing needs.

We utilize the latest software tools including 3D/2D modeling to provide a complete set of fabrication drawings to the factory. This proficiency of our experts has been instrumental in the hassle-free completion of many of our facade building projects, saving time and money for our clients.


Fabrication drawings


Cutting List preparation


Steel Structure fabrication


Material take-off Services

Thermal & Condensation Analysis Services

We deliver all types of facade thermal U value analyses and Condensation risk assessments. We have a team of experienced professionals who can work as per NFRC regulations and guidelines. Thermal U value performance and condensation check are very important and mainly used in European, Australian & North American regions.

The thermal analysis calculates the temperature and heat transfer within and between components in design and its environment. This involves the evaluation of the thermal performance of a framework and evaluation of partial or global U-values of a building envelope.


Overall U Value Analysis


Condensation Risk Analysis


Overall SHGC Calculations


Overall Condensation Rating

BIM Coordinated Shop drawing Services

Facade areas that are difficult to visualize when drawn in two dimensions, complicated assembly details, and components can be presented in isometric studies or can be modeled in BIM using CAD & Auto Desk Revit or any other AEC products.

In the field of façade engineering, BIM modeling & BIM coordinated shop drawings offer a plethora of benefits including that of saving time during the design phase of the project by reducing the number of steps. It also helps the designers retain all the finer design details in their final plan. By using this technique, the architects can visualize the physical spaces within a building so that the probable issues are identified and addressed on time. BIM modeling helps us with defining all critical panel construction and interfaces. BIM coordinated detailing & COBbie data can be used for future maintenance and renovation purposes.


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