Facade BIM & 3D Modeling Services

Facade BIM (Building Information Modeling) & 3D Drafting

Facade areas that are difficult to visualize when drawn in two dimensions, complicated assembly details, and intricate components can be presented in isometric studies or can be modeled in 3D using CAD.

BIM & 3D models are considered to be extremely useful in explaining or demonstrating any design pattern that is unusual or complex. In the field of façade engineering, 3D modeling offers a plethora of benefits including that of saving time during the design phase of the project by reducing the number of steps. It also helps the designers retain all the finer design details in their final plan. By using this technique, the architects can visualize the physical spaces within a building so that the probable issues are identified and addressed on time. 3D-BIM modeling helps us with defining all critical panel construction and interfaces.