Facade BIM Services


BIM Coordinated Shop Drawings

We provide our BIM Services to facade contractor, consultants, fabricators, and suppliers to develop detailed 2D to 3D drawings (CAD to BIM) which help facades to visualize complete building design as per the manufactures criteria’s and its help to incorporate relevant information like manufacturers, hardware, accessories and contact details for future reference. We involve all stages of facade design including concept design, Shop drawings coordination with BIM models, Manufacturing documents & fabrication Drawings coordination, Pricing, As-built model creation, etc. We use Auto-desk Revit & Navisworks Manage to coordinate the facade building projects. We adopt Level 3 to 5 BIM Services depends on the client’s requirements and demand.

Facade BIM Modeling Services

Facade areas which are difficult to visualize when drawn in two dimensions. Complicated assembly details, intricate components can be presented using BIM 3D modeling. BIM models are considered to be extremely useful in explaining or demonstrating any design pattern that is unusual or complex. Also, BIM coordinated shop drawings & fabrication drawings are helpful for façade contractors and building owners for future reference. BIM modeling helps us with defining all critical panel construction and interfaces.