Who we are?


Facade Global Pvt Ltd is legally registered under Indian company act in the year of 2016 and it has completed successful two years of milestone in facade industry. We are located at the southwestern tip of Indian peninsula. It is flanked by Arabian Sea on the west, Karnataka on the north and northeast and Tamil Nadu on the east.

We do facade engineering of high performing glazing systems to ensure that saving of energy in its maximum level by having minimum budget in hand. Our Engineer/Architects will make sure that the final results are completely matching with architectural design criteria and design intent. Our main task to achieve the assigned work completion without delay. We are highly dedicated to provide high quality, sustainable, innovative and value engineered solutions to meet our customers demands for present and the future demands. Customers satisfaction is one of our main key of success within short time.

Our main aim to focus in developing a strong team which can handle the future demands about Facade industry in India & abroad. We are learner’s listeners and Experts in Facade, therefore we can solve any facade design related issues within time limit.

Our approach is based on ingenuity, it is performance and business focused – in other words, we do more for less. Everything we do, from concept design to implementation and renovation