Fabrication Drawing Services

Facade Fabrication Drawing Services

Facade fabrication drawings are detailed production drawings that are created to convey information about the design, machining, bill of materials, quantity, and availability of the facade units of a building for its manufacturing process. These drawings are created by architects, façade engineers, and designers to provide information to the production-construction team about how the façade of the building should be constructed.

Fabrication drawing refers to a special type of detailed drawing that includes a list of material parts identifying the different materials, cutting lengths, and orientation of the material as the first or third angle of projection for the factory.

We have a dedicated team of skilled draftsmen and fabrication industry experts to support all your fabrication drawings requirements. We create fabrication drawings by using computer-aided design (CAD) 2D or 3D software (depending on client demands) and may be presented in 2D or 3D formats. The 2D drawings provide a detailed view of the facade from different angles, while the 3D drawings provide a more realistic representation of how the facade will look when completed.

The fabrication drawings play a crucial role in the construction process, as they provide the construction team with detailed information about how to build the facade according to the designer's specifications. The accuracy and completeness of the fabrication drawings are critical to the success of the construction project, as any errors or omissions can lead to costly delays and additional expenses.

This proficiency of our experts has been instrumental in the hassle-free completion of many of our façade building projects, saving time and money for our clients.