Structural BIM Services 

Structural BIM Services

Structural BIM (Building Information Modeling) services refer to the use of 3D modeling technology to create a detailed and accurate digital representation of a building's structural elements such as beams, columns, slabs, walls, and foundations. BIM software enables structural engineers to analyze, simulate, and optimize the building's structure to ensure its safety and stability.

Structural BIM services can be used in the design, construction, and maintenance phases of a building project. In the design phase, BIM models can help architects and engineers collaborate and identify potential structural issues before construction begins. BIM models can also be used to create construction drawings and specifications for contractors.

During construction, BIM models can be used to coordinate the work of different trades and ensure that the building is being constructed according to the design specifications. BIM models can also be used to track construction progress and identify potential issues early on.

In the maintenance phase, BIM models can be used to manage and maintain the building's structural elements, as well as to plan for future renovations or modifications.

Overall, structural BIM services provide a more efficient and effective way to design, construct, and maintain buildings, leading to cost savings, improved collaboration, and better outcomes for all stakeholders involved in a building project.

We are a leading structural BIM outsourcing partner, and we provide high precision and accurate Structural BIM Services to clients. We have a skilled and experienced team of Steel Detailers, Structural BIM Modelers, and Engineers to work on complex Structural BIM Modeling projects. We are providing all types of structural modeling services, structural shop drawing services, and structural quantity takeoff services for residential buildings, commercial buildings, mixed-use buildings, stadiums, schools, power plants, and infrastructure projects. Structural BIM information and models play a crucial role in the building life cycle process from design to as built and demolition. Correct modeling and detailing of structural elements are essentially required while collaborating with other disciplines. We have a team of an in-house team of structural engineers and draughtsman having good experience in structural engineering. We work on residential, commercial, and industrial structures for Construction companies, Architectural and Engineering firms, General contractors etc. Our structural BIM services provide the client to get a clear and detailed picture of the entire project including cost before starting the project.


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