Facade Global (FG) is Facade Technology Innovation Center established in the year of 2016, we are involved in all type of facade design & BIM consulting services and we have regular clients from all around the world. Our office is located at one of the main IT hub of Kerala, Info park Kochi a part Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Our office is easily accessible from Cochin International Airport (CIAL).

Design of architectural components & systems requires advanced methodology hence we need specialized engineers. Our team comprised of professionals with a diverse range of technical skills and decades of hands-on experience in Architectural & facade industry. We are working with prestigious fabricators, architects and consultants around the world.

As a member of your team, we provide an in-depth understanding of building physics and an extensive knowledge of the structure. We strive to exceed expectations by providing practical, creative and enduring solutions to your construction and design needs. We would not only make the right choice of material at concept stage, but also our leading edge-engineers will optimize these designs and apply their vast experience to develop these solutions into practical working details.


Good facade design contributes to optimized performance with reduced energy costs and improved comfort levels. Our Facade Design services are not limited to facade System Design, Research & Development, Structural Calculation, Structural Analysis, Thermal U value & Condensation Analysis and Energy calculations. We are Specialized most of the international building codes and regulations.

We are specialized in all type of facades like Curtain walls, Composite Panels, Aluminium Sheet Cladding, Roofing, Steel Structures, Aluminium Structures, Stone Cladding, Louvers, Pergolas, Windows & Doors etc. We develops high performance and sustainable building envelope designs, resulting in envelope components that offer maximum comfort to users while meeting the most ambitious design goals.


Our Facade drafting services are not limited to Architectural Drawings, Tender Drawings, Shop Drawings, Curtain wall Storefront Drawings, Facade detailing, Fabrication Drawings, As built Drawings etc.


We have a specialized wing called BIMCAD for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and we actively help our partners in enhancing overall project efficiency and margins by achieving complete coordination among all designers, Architects, Consultants and Contractors through the integration of all project data in a single BIM model.

Our BIM Services are not limited to Architectural BIM Services, Structural BIM Services, Facade BIM Services, MEP BIM Services, HVAC BIM Services, Clash Detection Services, BIM Co-ordination Services, Revit family Creation Services Steel detailing etc.

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